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NYCC 2016

New York Comic Con 2016

The Tenacious Collective will be located at booth #309 in The Block at New York Comic Con 2016.

Often imitated but never duplicated, the world-famous Tenacious Collective hosts the widest variety of unique collectibles, exclusives and artist-centric goods available at NYCC.

Showcasing a global network of artists and creators, the Tenacious Collective is a large, exciting booth which has been a destination in the Block since before it was called "The Block."

The Tenacious Collective booth is an inclusive and positive community, and we invite you to come over, ask questions and talk to the artists who are in and around our booth. We will introduce you to any of the artists we are working with in case you want to ask questions or have them sign something.

We are COSPLAY FRIENDLY, which means not only will we pose for pics with you and give you props on your cosplays, but we will also offer you safe haven inside our booth if someone is being a jerk to you.

2016 Tenacious Collective Members will include:

  • Tenacious Toys - See below

  • Bigshot Toyworks - Exclusives include: Freeny Gnomeboy Anatomy, Colonel Cluck figure and the AngryBlue Mother Earth plaque

  • NuggLife - Debut of the new NuggLife streetwear line, plus assorted custom figures and GrowRooms

  • Jon Schnepp - Signings and sales of DVDs and posters

NYCC Map of the Block - Booth 309 is in the center!

Tenacious Toys NYCC Offerings:

Tenacious Toys EXCLUSIVES:

  • Tavvon Reynolds (The 3D Hero) - Very Dairy Justice League custom series
  • Big C - Baby Fatts Tenacious Toys Clear Blue figure: 5 pieces at $60 ea
  • Cat Atomic - custom 3in, 5in and 8in Dunnys
  • Dollar Slice Bootlegs - exclusive colorway of Radical Muslim figure
  • Evilos - exclusive custom painted Funko POP Star Wards ME-809 Protocol Droids: 10 pcs at
  • Space Ghost Funko POPs signed by voice actor George Lowe
  • Space Ghost Funko POPs signed by editor Jon Schnepp
  • GUUMON - Daigomi exclusive colorway: 5 pieces at $250 ea
  • GUUMON - Bangagon exclusive colorway: 5 pieces at $250 ea
  • HungryGhostt - Alien Chest Burster 4in Magnets: 5 pieces at $20 ea
  • Jason Meents - exclusive sticker packs
  • Kyle Kirwan - exclusive blue GID colorway Blooms: 10 pieces at $30 ea
  • Manly Art - Darth Dealer with Crystal Sith: 25 pieces at $60 ea
  • NEMO - Exclusive Tenacious Tiki 2.5" resin mini figure
  • Obscure - exclusive colorway of Pocket Oop: 15 pieces at $20 ea
  • Rampage Toys - various sofubi incl custom painted and new sculpts
  • RenOne - Borts Burger figure: 10 pieces at $60 ea
  • RenOne - Night of the Comet Zombie Cop figure: 10 pieces at $40 ea
  • Rufus / Renone - Skippy "Blue Balls" edition from the @renonelab FUK series: 10 pcs at
  • Rufus - Feeling Cocky "Too Cold To Hold" edition: 10 pcs at $35 ea
  • Rufus - Mr Softy 2" resin figures: 10 pcs at $35 ea
  • Steven Cartoccio - Concrete Jungle Frankpool NYCC Exclusive figure
  • TobyArt - Blue Zen Panda resin figure
  • Touma - exclusive colorway of Pico Mao 1.5" figure: 50 pieces at $15 ea
  • UNCLE Studio - MoonEyes & Stranded Cosmonaut custom Omen set: $1200
  • UNCLE Studio - Dead Space custom Calavertia: $125
  • UNCLE Studio - Moon Prince 4in resin figure: 10 pieces at
  • UNCLE Studio - Galactic Asault 8in MechaDunny: $250
  • UNCLE Studio - Geimfari 8in custom Atropa Dunny: $250

Tenacious Toys Signings:

  • Jason Freeny - (day/time TBD)
  • Rampage Toys (Jon Malmstedt) - (day/time TBD)
  • Manly Art (Jason Chalker) - (day/time TBD)
  • RenOne & Rufus - (day/time TBD)

Debuts in the Tenacious Booth:

  • Resin is King Series 3 - new series of blind-boxed resin mini figures. 100 blind boxes total, 10 artists: Dead Hand Toys, NEMO, Magitarius, UME Toys, Angry Artist, The Jelly Empire, Argonaut Resins, Forces of Dorkness, Taylored Curiosities & Jacob JAMS
  • US Debut of Vinyl Toy Soldier Boy by Schoony
  • Opening of Bitches Be Trippin - an intimate custom show using Luke Chueh's Bitch figure by Munky King as a platform for the customs. Artist roster: Evilos, Jon-Paul Kaiser, Josh Mayhem, Fuller, Shawn Wigs, Forces of Dorkness, Shiffa, One-Eyed Girl, Blazon Brikhaus & JFury
  • Debut of Whomp Whomp custom series by Playful Gorilla 
  • Debut of Concrete Jungle Frankpool figures by Steven Cartoccio
  • Debut of something by Freeny and MightyJaxx...

Show Specials:

  • $10 Tenacious t-shirts in assorted colors (or get one FREE with any $100 purchase)
  • Special deals on Freeny CAPSL Keychains (individual figures and full cases): 1 for $5, 2 for $8, 3 for $10, or buy a full sealed case of CAPSLs for $45.


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