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1/12 Scale RE:Edit #HALO #MasterChief MJOLNIR Mark V High-End Action Figure by #1000toys PREORDER

1000 toys 1000toys action figure combat evolved halo master chief spartan

PREORDER Master Chief NOW: http://ss1.us/a/N1xNLoXa

Starting with the iconic MJOLNIR Mark V armor featured in the classic Halo: Combat Evolved game, famed mecha designer Izmo Juki has taken the original design of the legendary Spartan super-soldier known as the Master Chief and refined it with his trademark touch!

Included are two M6D Pistols and an iconic MA5B Assault Rifle, along with a Covenant Energy Sword to cut through anything within reach! The exterior armor pieces are constructed in ABS plastic while the die cast inner frame provides an overall improved integrity and excellent articulation for the collectible while retaining battle-ready stiffness in the joints!

180 mm
Figure, Interchangeable hands (5 sets), M6D Pistol (x2), Pistol mount part (x2), MA5B Assault Rifle, Energy Sword.



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