AnaToy Market ATM & Samuel 6.25-inch Resin Set by ANATOY in stock now

AnaToy Market ATM & Samuel 6.25-inch Resin Set by ANATOY in stock now

In Stock Now:

AnaToy Market or ATM is a research center of ANATOY. Many solutions to overcome complexes are studied and suggested to clients. It is also called Body-Building.

SAMUEL is the first animal ANATOY. He was broken-hearted and depressed. We introduced a cat to Samuel. And he fell in love with her and bounced back. Now he couldn’t be happier any more. Meet our lover dog Samuel.

  • ATM size: 6.25 inches tall
  • materials: resin
  • limited edition of 60 pcs
  • designed in South Korea by ANATOY
  • (action figures NOT included, shown for scale)


ANATOY is about the complex.

ANATOY is an Art Toy that brings the concept of anatomy to toys and talks about the mental or physical complexes that everybody has but hardly get people’s understanding.

People set goals and make steady efforts to overcome their complexes, but it is not as easy as they think. We have a number of characters who have their own complexes. They are offered a wide range of experiment suggestions at ANATOY Market (ATM) so that they can overcome their complexes and lead an ordinary life like others.

This process helps us understand and empathize with many different complexes of ourselves and others that all of us do not want to show. What we at ANATOY want is help people to have a better and deeper understanding of complexes things that everybody lives with and how one embraces them.

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