Available Now Playforever Maverick Heat Car Police Blue Edition

Available Now Playforever Maverick Heat Car Police Blue Edition

Fresh out of New York in 1960, the Mavericks are ready to race through crowded streets, flashing lights and screaming sirens. A modern and great piece! This toy has passed the "3 plus" safety tests, so it can be used by children from 3 years old.

Playforever is born from the fascination of its creator Julian Meagher for the beauty and magic of classic vehicles. As a child he loved to sneak and snoop around in other people's garages, to observe those cars with elegant shapes and bright insignias.

With a super careful design and an impeccable finish, they manufacture toys with high quality and resistant materials, designed to last a lifetime, which would like big and minis alike, and even future generations, since their models are inspired by classics of automotive design such as the race cars of the 20s, or the sports cars of the 60s.

We love Playforever cars because they are sturdy, kid-friendly AND have super cool designs for grown-up collectors!


Size: 245mm x 105mm x 96mm
Material: ABS plastic with high gloss UV coating
Care: Polished by hand with care

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