Best Buds 3-inch Resin Figures In Stock Now

Best Buds 3-inch Resin Figures In Stock Now

Whether you are 420 friendly, know somebody who is, or don't care for the "grass" at all, it is hard to deny the appeal of Best Buds, the new 3" collectible series from the WeAreNotToys collective and the slightly intoxicated mind of Maryland based artist Tony DeVito.

Best Buds, Series One consists of 15 original roto-casted hand painted resin figures, all properly named after some of the most all time popular cannabis strains.

and please ladies and gentlemen remember, while your Best Bud can provide joy and enlightenment... Please DO NOT SMOKE. they are not fit for consumption!
  • Size: approx 3" tall x 2" wide
  • Material: resin
  • Hand painted
  • Made in USA

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