Black Friday Starts NOW at Tenacious: Discounts from 10% up to 40% Depending on How Many Orders You've Placed

Black Friday Starts NOW at Tenacious: Discounts from 10% up to 40% Depending on How Many Orders You've Placed

Here at Tenacious Toys we are big on loyalty - we remain loyal to our customers and we also want to create a positive buying experience that keeps all of you coming back again and again! That is why, this BFCM weekend, we are offering increasing discounts for customers based on the number of orders you have placed at Tenacious Toys.

Below are the discounts we are offering to the various tiers of customers:

  • Never ordered: 10% off site wide - Code: FIRSTORDER <<CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE>>
  • ordered at least once: 15% off site wide - Code: BLACKDOG <<CLICK HERE TO ACTIVATE>>
  • ordered at least 5+ times: 20% to 40% off site wide based on number of orders- code has been emailed to you

Note that our system can only track and assign orders for customers who checked out with their Tenacious Toys account (logged in to order, not checking out as a guest). Log into your Tenacious Toys account now to check how many orders you've placed! This will drive the discount level that you will get on Black Friday!

You can definitely place orders between now and Thanksgiving to get yourself into the next tier, if you find yourself almost there. Pro tip #1: For the Black Friday codes, we are not looking at the value of any order so if you need one or 2 more orders to get the bigger discount, it could make sense to buy a couple smaller items over the next few days to get into the next tier! Pro tip #2: the 2 codes mentioned in this post are functional NOW!

Codes for 20% off and higher will be EMAILED directly to each customer, so make sure you are checking your emails from Tenacious this week! Higher-level codes cannot be shared with friends, each code will only work if the customer is in our system and their ordering history matches the number of orders we've designated for that code (we have groups of these customers created and each customer will only be able to use the code that is emailed to them!) Customer accounts are tracked via email address so please make sure to log into before checkout so that the 15% off and higher codes work for you.

We will run a similar tiered style of discount structure for Cyber Monday but that one will be based on the total dollar value of the orders you've placed.

We will send a new email about that on Sunday just before Cyber Monday kicks off.

We get frequent emails from customers AFTER they order, claiming they "forgot" to use a code during checkout. Note that we cannot retroactively apply BCFM codes to orders by way of refunds, it defeats the purpose of having a code. The codes can be pasted into the second page of checkout, where your discount will then be reflected once applied. Make sure to use your code when you check out. Do not check out without a code, then email us - contact us FIRST if something isn't working right, you have plenty of time to check out so no need to rush through it all without using the above mentioned codes.

Shopify doesn't permit use of multiple codes per order, thankfully. Our discounts are pretty liberal already! You can always use a Rewards Points code in a later purchase, after BFCM weekend.

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