Boo Berry Skull Dangler Blue GID 8" vinyl figure by DuBose #tenaciousnycc21

Boo Berry Skull Dangler Blue GID 8" vinyl figure by DuBose #tenaciousnycc21

We are bringing a dozen of our previous Shop Exclusives as well as some of our other items to show at NYCC this year, only half a dozen of each item will be available at the show!  Each of these items are also available online right now click the link below >>>

The Vinyl Skull Dangler is here!! He measures 8in tall, adorned with various plague-bearing creature skulls, ranging from ducks, herrings, primates and even human..okay a lot of human!

Blank Vinyl in a Tenacious Exclusive blue GID we are calling Boo Berry!

  • Limited to just 30 in this awesome color.
  • These are factory made Blue GID Vinyl.
  • 3 points of articulation.
  • Comes with exclusive sticker.

Special blue Ooze Head accessory available separately over in the DuBose Art shop (we don't have those!)

Tenacious NYCC info:

More blog posts about the Tenacious NYCC booth:


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  • Wetworks AP-2K "Caramel Bones" Edition: $160
  • Mad*L Citizen Tenacious Exclusive by UVD: $50
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  • Best Buds Alien OG Toxic Glow Edition resin: $40
  • Weston Brownlee El Chupacabra Shadows Edition: $65
  • Weston Brownlee El Chupacabra GID Edition: $60
  • Brian Ewing Ghost Boner Orange Goblin Edition: $25
  • The Toy Viking Nordic Cat "Odin's Eye" Edition resin: $40
  • Party Color Danger Dog Mini vinyls (blind bagged): $10
  • 5thTurtle Teenage Mutant Danger Dog vinyl: $ TBD
  • UNCLE Studio custom 15" UberKranky: $3000


  • Rusted Devils by Manta Toys: $75
  • Diener Space Creatures Blue by Last Resort Toys: $80
  • Casey Weldon Kittypillar Siamese by 3A: $80
  • Scribe Rainbow Rumps + print by UVD: $95
  • Playful Gorilla Banana Skinny Cap Green with Envy: $50
  • Weston Brownlee El Chupacabra Green Edition: $65
  • Chris B. Murray GOONBOXES by Clutter: $150
  • Quiccs Lil Qwiky Battle Damaged Heisenberg Edition by Clutter: $85
  • Playful Gorilla Master9Eyes R177A Edition by PureArts: $100
  • Boo Berry GID Skull Danger by DuBose Art: $140
  • Vandul-Bot by Vandul x Czee x Clutter: $100
  • Danger Dog Letter Jacket Pins designed by Jake Jarkor: FREE WITH PURCHASE


  • JT Studio Jians Green figure: $85
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  • JT Studio Rock Gaki 01 Day 1/6 scale: $300
  • JT Studio Street Mask Ken 1/6 scale: $250
  • JT Studio Street Mask KONG 1/6 scale: $280
  • JT Studio Sha Monk vinyl figure: $99
  • JT Studio YORU Flourescent GID vinyl figure: $120
  • JT Studio YOX 200% Marble edition: $140
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  • The Walking Dead King Ezekiel 1/6 scale by Threezero
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  • Tiny Tarbus Blind Boxes by Doomco: $9
  • Boundless Brooklyn Mailbox Kit: $10
  • Boundless Brooklyn Billboard Kit: $18
  • Boundless Brooklyn Medium Water Tower Kit: $16


  • Juan Muniz: 2PM daily
  • Playful Gorilla: 4PM Thurs - Sat & Noon on Sunday

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