Bushido-Onican Bred Edition 16cm by Crack x Inch Lab PREORDER ships Q2 2021

Bushido-Onican Bred Edition 16cm by Crack x Inch Lab PREORDER ships Q2 2021



PREORDER ships Q2 2021

Bushido-Onican Bred Edition is Inspired by the unwritten Samurai code of conduct, known as Bushido, held that the true warrior must hold that loyalty, courage, veracity, compassion, and honour as important, above all else. An appreciation and respect of life is also imperative, as it added balance to the warrior character of the Samurai. Overall, the Bushido code calls for an appreciation and respect for life, and teaches that people should lead by example, express benevolence, and show mercy. Bred’s original colourway is based on black and red and come with a Magic ball, Spray Can and Sword. All figures in the pictures are not final colour or design.

  • Size: 16cm (H)
  • Articulation: Arms & Removable Mask
  • Accessories: Sword, Spray Can & Magic Ball
  • Material: Vinyl
  • Packaging: Blister Card
  • Quantity: 150 pieces (Worldwide)

Artist:Reza a.k.a. Crack

Crack is a graffiti artist and designer based in Indonesia. He is inspired by things in his daily life and his childhood memories. When creating graffiti, animation, motion graphics and toys, he likes to include elements of graffiti, Hip Hop and Japanese culture in his pieces. His style is defined by crisp lines, with resplendent, vibrant and urban, with a sense of flow. Working with various mediums and collaborating with many brands and he is currently working on adapting his art to designer toys, most notably a spray can character that he's been developing for a while now.

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