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Danger Tenacious Toys Exclusive Mascot Pitbull DIY 2.5-inch resin figure in stock now

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IN STOCK NOW: http://ss1.us/a/6O45ha8Z

Tenacious Toys pitbull mascot "Danger" - 2.25 inches tall
  • sculpted by Mike "NEMO" Mendez
  • cast in resin by Dead Hand Toys
  • open run in the DIY white
  • bagged
  • character based on illustration by Alex "Playful Gorilla" Rivera
  • 100% made in New York
We are very excited to announce that we finally have our own shop mascot collectible to sell! We've been going ham lately with the Playful Gorilla logos and mascot that Alex illustrated for us a while back - they've been really popular, instantly identifiable images that really help set Tenacious Toys apart.

For Resin Is King Series 3, NEMO sculpted up the dog logo into 3D, giving us a new 2.5" collectible to sell. The 10 figures in RIKS3 were painted in various pitbull-appropriate colors. Now, we have the DIY white version available in our shop as an open run.

Molding, casting and finishing services for these figures provided by Brian Ahlbeck of Dead Hand Toys.

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