Dragon Boy Super League Color Exclusives from PowerCore x Martin Hsu

Dragon Boy Super League Color Exclusives from PowerCore x Martin Hsu

We are super excited that Martin Hsu and Powercore have finally announced the exclusive Dragon Boy 2pc sets! There will be at least 2 colorways of this awesome vinyl figure set at NYCC in October of this year: our Tenacious Toys exclusive, and across the aisle will be the MyPlasticHeart exclusive set. Easy shopping for fans of Martin Hsu!


PowerCore and Martin Hsu has just announced the 2019 release of Dragon Boy Super League Color Exclusives! Featured here are introductory information, with actual product photos of each color exclusive to be revealed before official release. 2019 releases include SDCC, NYCC, DCON, and in-store signings. Above is the "standard" set which is a Powercore exclusive.

Martin explains the concept further:

"The Dragon Boy Super League is inspired by my friendship with toy folks like you and your followers. Think Avengers and Justice League, it’s an intergalactic league of superheroes, aliens, gods and warriors powerful enough to handle any cosmic foe! Each hero is cloaked in a custom dragon suit and accompanied by a special Dragon Pup," shared Martin Hsu. "Together, they tell an epic adventure about friendship between a boy, his dog and all the friends they’ve made along the way. A true telling of how I've had the pleasure to meet fans and collectors since the first Dragon Boy figure released in 2012."

Each Dragon Boy Super League color variant is a 2-pc Boy + Pup set and limited to only 60 sets worldwide.

Super Friends include VTSS, FlabSlab, MyPlasticHeart, BAIT, Woot Bear, UmiToys, Tenacious Toys, Wrong Gallery, Plastic and Heroes, PowerCore, and more!

For more info, please contact Super Friends directly. See Dragon Boy Super vinyl figures here.

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