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Exclusive DIY Spray Can Figure: Toy2R SprayeeQ 4" Mini Qee Available Now

diy mini qee toy2r vinyl

GRAB A DIY SPRAY CAN HERE: http://ss1.us/a/l0i6N52m

The SprayeeQ by Toy2R has always been one of the rarest 4" Mini Qees. Very few artists have been able to get their hands on one in years past, and we always thought that was a shame. They're adorable little spray can platforms!

We looked around this year and couldn't find any of these fantastic DIY figures by Toy2R on the market any longer... so we had Toy2R make a batch for us!

Shake em and they make a spray can sound! Grab a bunch and paint em up in your own style! Money-saving 6-pack option available.

  • 4 inches tall
  • vinyl
  • DIY Mini Qee figure
  • articulated at shoulders and neck
  • produced by Toy2R for Tenacious Toys
  • currently exclusive to Tenacious Toys
  • limited run of 500 units for our shop
  • polybagged (no box)

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