Exclusive Rainbow Rumpus Figure & Print by Scribe x UVD Toys Drops Sep 17 at Noon EST

Exclusive Rainbow Rumpus Figure & Print by Scribe x UVD Toys Drops Sep 17 at Noon EST

Tenacious Toys has announced their next vinyl toy exclusive with the powerhouse duo of UVD Toys and Scribe aka Donald Ross!

The Rainbow Rumpus is the next colorway of the 7" vinyl Rumpus figure produced by UVD Toys & designed by KC artist Scribe. Rainbow features a wonderful shiny orange / purple / green gradient on the clothing, with a white backpack and grey rhino skin. A super colorful and unique Rumpus edition!

The Rainbow Rumpus is limited to just 100 pieces and will be sold in a package with matching signed and numbered Rainbow Rumpus prints! Scribe hand signed and hand numbered each print.

The package will cost $95 and will be available on the UVD collection page at TenaciousToys.com at noon EST on Friday September 17th.


About Rumpus:

Years ago, a young rhino named Rumpus was taking pictures of a friends lettering piece under a bridge. An inter-dimensional whale named Sheol appeared and swallowed the young graffiti write dropping him off in the Resound Fields on the island of Nisamehe to start the biggest adventure of his life.

His new surroundings are covered in ancient lettering pieces from years past, reminiscent of old friends styles along with creatures addicted to devious cupcakes. His goal... to find his old grandfather's field guide, make his own mark and figure out of he wants to stay on the technicolor plains to find the spirit of creation or return to the boredom of the real world.

About Scribe:

Donald Ross also known as “scribe” is 37 years old and currently lives in Kansas City, Missouri of the United States. The animated, public murals by Scribe are readily recognizable in Midtown Kansas City and throughout different part of the United States, Canada and down into Mexico where he has both painted murals and had gallery shows. Scribe incorporates a menagerie of animal characters developed over many years representing a particular, self-referential trait that he inserts in various scenarios. Scribe intersperses personal iconography, biblical and fairytale references, animation and metaphor in works intended as contemporary parables for public audiences, hence the use of his artist name and persona. Through accessible idiom and image, Scribe incorporates humor and play in the conveyance of serious messages regarding personal integrity, attainment of knowledge, and adventure.

About Tenacious Toys:

Tenacious Toys has been buying, selling & producing art toys in vinyl, resin, PVC and plush since 2004. The primary mission of Tenacious is to lift up and empower new creators by offering them a retail platform to showcase, promote and sell their artwork in the 3D collectibles space. The Tenacious website is an ever-changing and vibrant selection of limited-edition collectibles that is unmatched anywhere else. Tenacious Toys accepts many different forms of payment, including cryptocurrencies! Join the Tenacious email list or get on the VIP text list by texting TENACIOUSTOYS to +1 (205) 390-2379 to receive the insider info about new toy releases and exclusive discounts!

About UVD Toys:
A division of Urban Vinyl Daily, UVD Toys strives to bring to life products and toys of some of today’s most talented artists.


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