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Fey Folk The Grugach 6-inch resin figure by Weston Brownlee In Stock Now

fey folk resin Weston Brownlee

available now - drop shipped

Not altogether similar from Brownie’s and Hobgoblins, the Grugach is fond of the domestic life, but mostly when it’s agricultural. Farms and dairies are their favorite haunts, and a bowl of milk or cream is all the more they require. Despite their outward benevolence, some claim Grugachs are anything but trustworthy, and in fact have sinister inclinations if they’re crossed. Word also has it they’re notorious flirts -go figure.

Fey Folk is Weston's interpretation of classic European creatures form folklore and mythology. All are hand-painted, cast resin. The Grugach measures 6" tall and is made from cast resin and acrylic. Edition of 50.

Weston Brownlee has exhibited at Stranger Factory and Meow Wolf and is now diving into the handmade collectible scene.

please order Fey Folk separately from any other items

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