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Game of Thrones Arya Stark 1/6-scale action figure in stock now

1/6 scale action figure game of thrones threezero

GoT ARYA STARK FIGURE IN STOCK NOW: http://ss1.us/a/I647R73o

So it seems that a lot of retailers order Three Zero action figures via a middleman. We do that too, it saves some money on shipping, but for the past year we've been ordering direct. Ordering direct results in express shipments from TZ direct to us, which means the figures we order direct arrive at our warehouse weeks or months before other retail shops get theirs.

One of the last items we ordered direct from TZ was this gorgeous Game of Thrones Arya Stark 1/6-scale action figure. She's in stock now. Don't underestimate her, she's small but ruthless. 6 left in stock!


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