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Haru Konpieto Fairy-Filled 8-inch Dunny by Kidrobot Drops Tomorrow Jan 11th

dunny kidrobot

CLICK HERE ON FRIDAY: https://www.tenacioustoys.com/collections/kidrobot

So many of you have probably noticed that Kidrobot has a new system of releases: no more preorders! Items like this Haru Konpieto Dunny had hard release dates and you just have to hit your favorite shop on that date to secure the hot items.

It's a bit of a relief to many of us shop owners but it does change the nature of how WE place our own orders for our shops: basically, we have to see this item way early and make a judgement call about how many to order.

In this case, with the Konpieto Dunny, it is very clear to me that we underordered. Could have ordered 4x or 5x as many and sold them easily.

But, that's the game now. I have to be smarter.

Anyway, this item will go up for sale at breakfast time (EST) and will be extremely limited in our shop. Strict limit of ONE per person. They will be $74.99 each. You will find this item on our homepage as well as our Kidrobot page.


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