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INCOMING: The Walking Dead Glenn Rhee 1/6-scale action figure by Three Zero

1/6 scale action figure the walking dead threezero

PREORDER TWD GLENN RHEE: http://ss1.us/a/d8d0JK8c

We just heard that our order of TWD Glenn Rhee will be arriving mid-March, so get your preorders in now! These are 1/6-scale action figures priced at $178 each.

Full disclosure: once they arrive, we are increasing the price to $199.95. Margins are too thin at $178 to sustain this product line. This will be our MO from now on with Three Zero 1/6-scale action figures: MSRP as a preorder, then price goes up about 10-15% once the product arrives at our warehouse. We always get our TZ action figures first because we pay for express shipping. That's expensive for us!


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