INDY INSANITY: Best Day Ever 10-inch vinyl figure by Ezra Brown Drops Thurs Aug 12th

INDY INSANITY: Best Day Ever 10-inch vinyl figure by Ezra Brown Drops Thurs Aug 12th

Tenacious Toys is thrilled to continue their support of independent creators and manufacturers with a pair of exclusive releases at the end of this week (INDY INSANITY!)

This first drop is "Best Day Ever" - a large scale 10-inch-tall vinyl art toy designed and self-produced by artist Ezra Brown. Best Day Ever depicts Ezra's character Happy the Clown as he's walking down the street... about to step on a nail.

Best Day Ever is limited to just 100 pieces as a co-exclusive between Tenacious Toys and Ezra Brown. Packaged in a fun, retro style art box, Best Day Ever will debut on the Tenacious homepage on Thursday August 12th at noon EST for $160 each, which includes free US shipping and a free Tenacious Toys enamel pin.

About Best Day Ever:

I came up with the Happy character right before the pandemic. At first he was just going to be an ordinary character… nothing special. But as time went on and we entered into a global pandemic, he took on a totally different role. Happy came to symbolize what we all wanted in a time of despair. People wanted to make sense of what was going on around them, and I felt that this character could have a much deeper meaning. So that’s how he evolved from just an ordinary character to a whole mood.

He’ll be in everyday situations that any of us could go through, but sometimes we just don’t know how to make sense of them. Happy is our emotions translated into cartoon form. That’s how I came up with the idea for the vinyl toy. Happy is my first vinyl art toy and I felt really good about the whole thing so that why I decided to name it Best Day Ever. Yeah I know he’s happy go lucky, whistling, etc, but if you notice he’s about to step on a nail. So “Best Day Ever” is also my sarcastic play on words… like when you’re having a bad day and you say “Best day ever!”

Join Benny & possibly Ezra too for a live unboxing on Instagram a half hour before the drop (11:30am Thursday Aug 12th). Tenacious IG is here:

About Ezra Brown:

Ezra's art is a mixture of pop surrealism and vintage-style lowbrow. He's a painter, illustrator and dabbles in wood cuts as well. And he is now a toy designer and manufacturer!

About Tenacious Toys:

Tenacious Toys has been buying, selling & producing art toys in vinyl, resin, PVC and plush since 2004. The primary mission of Tenacious is to lift up and empower new creators by offering them a retail platform to showcase, promote and sell their artwork in the 3D collectibles space. The Tenacious website is an ever-changing and vibrant selection of limited-edition collectibles that is unmatched anywhere else. Tenacious Toys accepts many different forms of payment, including cryptocurrencies! Join the Tenacious email list or get on the VIP text list by texting TENACIOUSTOYS to +1 (205) 390-2379 to receive the insider info about new toy releases and exclusive discounts!

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