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Joe Ledbetter x DC Artists Alley Batman 6.4-inch vinyl figure In Stock Now

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A skilled and multifaceted creator, Joe Ledbetter (aka JLed) has experience as an artist, illustrator, and perhaps most importantly for Artist’s Alley… a toy designer. Borne from humble origins in underground art shows and influenced by 1980’s videogames, animation, and skateboarding, he’s risen in prominence thanks to his crisp, bold lines, a vibrant palette, and work which is socially conscious, reflective, and human.

JLed’s anthropomorphic creature work has been a hallmark of his design, and his take on DC Characters is a delightful mix of literalism and playfulness.

Batman has been a global icon for 80 years and has been remade in thousands—if not millions--- of artistic expressions, iterations, and representations, but we can safely say: you’ve never seen a Batman figure like this.

Showcasing Joe Ledbetter’s vibrant mix of literalism and playfulness, this vinyl-cast figure of Batman is an anthropomorphic delight, bringing a cute but fierce design to the Dark Knight.

Limited to 3,000
individually numbered
Measures Approximately 6.41" Tall
Designed and Painted by Joe Ledbetter
Sculpted by Joe Menna

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