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Joumon Kugutu BOKKOKU edition 1/6 scale figure by TAKAYUKI TAKEYA x 1000Toys Available Now

1/6 scale 1000toys action figure articulated Takayuki Takeya

AVAILABLE NOW: http://ss1.us/a/Mj1dWuzK
The Joumon Kugutu figure reflects the artistic culture from Japan’s ancient Jomon period.

1/6 scale (12 inches tall)

super articulated
extra hands
based on artwork by the renowned sculptor Takayuki Takeya
produced by 1000toys
More details:

Height: Approx. 30cm(12in)
Material: ATBC-PVC, ABS, PA, POM, etc.
Included: Hand Parts(Fists, Open Hands, Hands A, Hands B – 2ea), Spherical Weapon(1ea)
– Height : Approx. 300mm(1/6 Scale, 12in)
– Package Dimensions : W 155mm/D 370mm/H 95mm
– Package Weight : 500g
– Included : Hand Parts(Fists, Open Hands, Hands A, Hands B), Spherical Weapon

– Character Design : Takayuki Takeya
– Original Sculpt : Takayuki Takeya
– Digital Sculpt : Takaboku Busujima (BUSUJIMAX)
– Coloring : Takayuki Takeya

The “JOUMON KUGUTU” series is a project by 1000toys to show the world Takayuki Takeya’s original designed characters in the form of 1/6 scale action figures.
The imaginative original design with essence of the ancient Japan Joumon period is converted into a detailed digital sculpt by sculptor Takaboku Busujima.
On top of that, additional touches by Takayuki Takeya himself is added to the 3D-printed prototype for Takeya’s distinct curves and details to the product.
Also, the distinct colour schemes and weathering techniques of Takayuki Takeya were carefully reproduced at the production factory.

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