JT Studio YOX 200% Marble edition figure #tenaciousnycc21

JT Studio YOX 200% Marble edition figure #tenaciousnycc21

We are bringing a dozen of our previous Shop Exclusives as well as some of our other items to show at NYCC this year, only half a dozen of each item will be available at the show!  Each of these items are also available online right now click the link below >>>


Yox is the guardian of dreams. Legend has it that Yox comes in different color and each with their own unique power

Marble limited to 300 pieces.
Design by Jei Tseng
Material : Sofubi soft vinyl
High: 22cm (about 8.5" tall)

Tenacious NYCC info: https://www.tenacioustoys.com/collections/nycc-2021

More blog posts about the Tenacious NYCC booth: https://www.tenacioustoys.com/blogs/news/tagged/nycc2021


  • Tarbus the Tardigrade "What Lurks in the Murk" Edition: $30
  • Wetworks AP-2K "Caramel Bones" Edition: $160
  • Mad*L Citizen Tenacious Exclusive by UVD: $50
  • Playful Gorilla Banana Skinny Cap GID Blue: $50
  • Best Buds Alien OG Toxic Glow Edition resin: $40
  • Weston Brownlee El Chupacabra Shadows Edition: $65
  • Weston Brownlee El Chupacabra GID Edition: $60
  • Brian Ewing Ghost Boner Orange Goblin Edition: $25
  • The Toy Viking Nordic Cat "Odin's Eye" Edition resin: $40
  • Party Color Danger Dog Mini vinyls (blind bagged): $10
  • 5thTurtle Teenage Mutant Danger Dog vinyl: $ TBD
  • UNCLE Studio custom 15" UberKranky: $3000


  • Rusted Devils by Manta Toys: $75
  • Diener Space Creatures Blue by Last Resort Toys: $80
  • Casey Weldon Kittypillar Siamese by 3A: $80
  • Scribe Rainbow Rumps + print by UVD: $95
  • Playful Gorilla Banana Skinny Cap Green with Envy: $50
  • Weston Brownlee El Chupacabra Green Edition: $65
  • Chris B. Murray GOONBOXES by Clutter: $150
  • Quiccs Lil Qwiky Battle Damaged Heisenberg Edition by Clutter: $85
  • Playful Gorilla Master9Eyes R177A Edition by PureArts: $100
  • Boo Berry GID Skull Danger by DuBose Art: $140
  • Vandul-Bot by Vandul x Czee x Clutter: $100
  • Danger Dog Letter Jacket Pins designed by Jake Jarkor: FREE WITH PURCHASE


  • JT Studio Jians Green figure: $85
  • JT Studio Bull & Red Kid 1/6 scale 2-Pack $419
  • JT Studio Rock Gaki 01 Day 1/6 scale: $300
  • JT Studio Street Mask Ken 1/6 scale: $250
  • JT Studio Street Mask KONG 1/6 scale: $280
  • JT Studio Sha Monk vinyl figure: $99
  • JT Studio YORU Flourescent GID vinyl figure: $120
  • JT Studio YOX 200% Marble edition: $140
  • MAD Modern Hero Gray & Red Editions: $35 ea
  • The Walking Dead King Ezekiel 1/6 scale by Threezero
  • Game of Thrones Tormund Giantsbane 1/6 scale by Threezero 
  • Tiny Tarbus Blind Boxes by Doomco: $9
  • Boundless Brooklyn Mailbox Kit: $10
  • Boundless Brooklyn Billboard Kit: $18
  • Boundless Brooklyn Medium Water Tower Kit: $16


  • Juan Muniz: 2PM daily
  • Playful Gorilla: 4PM Thurs - Sat & Noon on Sunday

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