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Kidrobot Pinky and the Brain 7-inch vinyl art toy figure in stock now

kidrobot pinky and the brain vinyl

One is a genius and one is insane, it’s pinky YES pinky and the Brain, brain, brain, brain, BRAIN! Ready to take over your collection, and then the world, Kidrobot presents the Pinky and the Brain Vinyl Art Toy Figure. Standing at roughly 7.5 inches tall and featuring Kidrobot's legendary high quality vinyl, this scheming duo is caught in the perfect moment of madness while Brain explains the plan on how the world will be theirs by morning as long as Pinky follows along. Be the genius of the pair and become a part of WORLD DOMINATION by getting yours today!

If you grew up in the 90's then you definitely remember Pinky and the Brain. The cartoon duo originally appeared as a part of the hit show, Animaniacs, but their nightly plans for world domination took hold as they got their own "Pinky and The Brain" series in 1995 and became super stars. Kidrobot has teamed up with WB for a new collection and the first piece drops today on Kidrobot.com with the Pinky and the Brain Vinyl Art Figure by Kidrobot!

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