King Dux vinyl figure by Jimi Grins Debuts at NYCC Booth 780

King Dux vinyl figure by Jimi Grins Debuts at NYCC Booth 780

At our NYCC booth 780 we are excited to debut the new King Dux 6.5" vinyl figure from Jimi Grins! The first two figures on this platform are basketball-themed: Airtrain and Big Bird. We will only have 5 of each to sell at $95 each.

"Airtrain" is another way of saying aeroplane, in other words he's going places most have never gone! He's above the rest, the most high and is a nod to the greatest player of all time. This royal Dux comes from a long line of kings and the size of the crown really lets you know just how much of a king he really is!


Big Bird is the boss, the "head honcho" if you will, he represents becoming your greatest version and is a head nod to one of the greatest to ever play the game! He is a sharp shooter and he's never missed a shot. He has a huge ego and needs an extremely large crown to compensate for this, letting everyone know that he is infact the Boss, he has a hot head and a short fuse and most importantly; he never ever loses!

Jimi Grins is a Product Designer and Artist working from his studio in New Zealand, King Dux has emerged from an obsession with drawing and a love for Designer Toys. He hopes King Dux will bring joy to you and yours!

Find it at the Tenacious Collective NYCC Booth 780

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