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Knights of the Synth Toy Pizza x 1000toys nu:synth 1:12-scale action figure Available Now

1/12 scale 1000toys action figure articulated nu:synth toy pizza

AVAILABLE NOW: http://ss1.us/a/FBW6xvrv
Knights of the Synth is a line of approx 7" tall action figures based on the Toy Pizza Knights of the Slice IP, using the 1000toys action figure as a base. As with all releases in the nu:synth initiative, the core figure is based on the 1000toys articulated 1/12 scale Synthetic Human body allowing for incredible posing possibilities.

Choose: Teal, Lime, Brick or Death Knight

PLUS the modular Synthetic Human base figure lets you mix and match parts between all the releases in the nu:synth figure line.

approx 7" tall (1/12 scale)
super articulated
collaboration between Toy Pizza & 1000toys
produced by 1000toys

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