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Maneki-Dino By Juce Gace Green Edition 8-inch vinyl figure starts shipping soon

juce gace vinyl

Fortune favors the brave...and the lucky!

Maneki-Dino is the last dinosaur standing, though he really prefers to sit down and chillax with his trusty (and equally happy) pet mushroom. A self-made millionaire thanks to his handsome mug and a bunch of podium finishes, Maneki-Dino’s sole interest now is charming peeps just like you!

Living the high life and clearly not one to shy away from the spotlight, Maneki-Dino is all decked out in bling from head to toe. From the gold ingot on his back to his star-studded shoes that spell prosperity and good luck, this cool cat sure knows how to make a grand entrance. His face is in a familiar shade of dino-green, and with his bib and white body, he looks just like a classic Manekineko (Fortune Cat) with a cute Jurassic twist. Breaking records on and off the racetrack, you better catch this rare treasure before he disappears!

Lovingly created by French artist Juce Gace, Maneki-Dino comes in 300 limited pieces.

8" tall
edition of 300

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