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Mechatro WeGo robot figures at NYCC Booth 780

mechatro35 wego nycc2018 tenacious collective wego

This year at NYCC we are very pleased to have more WeGos available!

A wide selection of the Mechatro WeGo robot figures will be available at booth 780, including the new Tiny WeGo blind boxes ($10 each).

The newest 35Mechatro WeGo 10cm figures will be available, including both Tokyo and Japan, as well as a generous selection of other 1:35-scale models at $30-$50 each. Below are the 1:35 WeGos we will have on hand:

  1. Mechatro35 Wego Soda - $30
  2. Mechatro35 Wego Spitfire - $30
  3. Mechatro35 Wego America - $30
  4. Mechatro35 Wego DX Orange - $35
  5. Mechatro35 Wego DX Yellow Green - $35
  6. Mechatro35 Wego DX Aquamarine - $35
  7. Mechatro35 Wego Crossing Guard - $30
  8. Mechatro35 Wego Clear - $30
  9. Mechatro35 Wego Sky Blue Sora - $30
  10. Mechatro35 Wego EVA - $50
  11. Mechatro35 Wego Hatsune Miku - $50
  12. Mechatro35 Wego Japan Hinomaru - $35
  13. Mechatro35 Wego Tokyo TYO - $35

There will be 2 colorways of the larger 22cm WeGos available (white and aqua) at $150 each.

We will also have the elusive 6-inch sofubi vinyl WeGos in Blue Sparkle colorway at $20 each!

You may find representatives of 1000toys at booth 780 once again, assisting with the sales of these items.


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