Mr Munk's 3A Collection Estate Sale at Tenacious NYCC Booth 780

Mr Munk's 3A Collection Estate Sale at Tenacious NYCC Booth 780

It is with many mixed emotions that I am now sorting through our friend Lance "Mr Munk" Clark's personal 3A collection in order to sell it off.

Lance was a big 3A collector, a member of the Legion for a long time. He collected 3A figures large and small, from tiny Squares up to giant 1/6 WWR robots, and many in between.

After he passed a few years back, his mother and I stayed in touch and I paid her out for the sales of Lance's customs that I still had on our shelves. She and Lance's manager decided that I would be the appropriate person to try to sell off Lance's personal 3A collection, and I agreed, so here we are.

Because NYCC is coming up, I decided that selling as many of these pieces as possible at our booth would be a good start. After that, I will be cataloging the entire collection and adding the items to our website.

Lance was not a box collector, he liked to display his figures where he could see them and touch them. His collection has no boxes and we have no guarantee of complete accessories, bags, guns, etc etc. All items are sold as-is.

Come to booth 780 at NYCC to sift through his 3A figures, make a reasonable offer on anything you fancy. Proceeds from these sales will be sent to Lance's mother after NYCC.

Included in Lance's 3A collection:

  • Bot Heads
  • Berties
  • Armstrongs
  • Dropcloths
  • Large Martins
  • Brambles
  • Squares
  • Popbots
  • 1/12 and 1/6 scale figures
  • much more

RIP Rest in Paint my friend

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