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NEW Installment Plan feature available at Tenacious Toys

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Now when you go to your cart to checkout on our website, you will see a new payment option for larger orders: INSTALLMENT PLAN!

This is a service offered through Partial.ly - we've set it up to be flexible, so you can set your down payment amount and your future payment amounts, the size of your payments and the frequency of your payments, out to an outer limit of 3 months to get paid up in full. We hold your order and reserve your items until you're paid up!

To see how this works, simply visit www.tenacioustoys.com, add a larger item to your cart and go to checkout. You'll have to establish an account with Partial.ly (this happens inside our website) and then you'll be shown a screen like this:

We are really excited for this payment option! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


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