NEW VENDOR: Adfunture - soft vinyl figures designed by Bee Wong incoming

NEW VENDOR: Adfunture - soft vinyl figures designed by Bee Wong incoming

We decided to kick off our relationship with our new vendor Adfunture by stocking up on their soft vinyl figures designed by HK artist Bee Wong. We will be picking up 2 colorways of the Fortune Panda (above) and 2 of the Fortune Kayden figures (below). They are all just under 6 inches tall, and priced at $70 each. All are super limited, with runs of 50 units per colorway.

Check out our Adfunture page here. All incoming items will be listed soon.

About Adfunture, in their own words:

adFunture arrived onto the art toy scene in 2002.

The idea was a simple one; to collaborate with individual artists and turn the characters on their canvases into vinyl collectible sculptures.

It was a much more simpler time, it was the right time for artists to take that “next step forward”; We yielded many artists’ support.

By personal interests, we started to focus on the graffiti artists. We had the great opportunity to work with legendary artists like Futura, Fafi, Dave Kinsey, Mr. Jago, Flying Fortress, D*Face, Faile and so many other names to drop. It was only at one point, did we realised what we were doing; We were bringing the street arts indoors into the homes of art lovers. We were introducing toy collectors to street artists, and street art fans to toys. It was a meaningful marriage. It was an fun adventure looking for the next artist to work together with.

Today, we continue on with our lookout for new and established artists to collaborate with.  We continue to only produce what we love, and with artists whom we truly believe more people should or would appreciate.

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