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NYCC Exclusive Reveal: Production of GoGorilla x James Groman Gorilla vinyl toy

james groman nycc exclusive nycc2019 vinyl

GoGorilla has kindly shared with us a behind-the-scenes video from their vinyl factory, where there Gorilla 8" vinyl figure designed by James Groman is in production! Much of this video shows them painting up our NYCC Exclusive Yeti colorway. Our Yeti is limited to 200 units and will be priced at $75 each. Check the video:


GoGORILLA Toy Production from GoGorillaMedia.com on Vimeo.


Standard brown colorway on the left (we will have those in stock soon!) and our blue/white Yeti colorway on the right. Can't remember who got the colorway in middle as their exclusive but it's another shop.



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