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One Aloha Lolligag Sunrise Edition figure left

lolligag vinyl

Aloha Lolligag

BUY ALOHA LOLLIGAG: http://ss1.us/a/F5c3l7DC

This is our last unit of the Sunrise edition! We love these adorable figures. $45 for a 5 inch figure, pretty sweet price on these. We can get a few other Lolligags, leave a comment if you want us to pick up Aloha Lolligag Green Edition (below), or the other Vive La Lolligag figures in Lemondrop, Grape or Blueberry (pictured below that).

We are seriously considering grabbing all of those, just need a little push from you.

Aloha Lolligag Green

Vive la Lolligag Lemondrop

Vive la Lolligag Grape

Vive la Lolligag Blueberry


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