Our Black Friday Sale Starts NOW: 20% off with code BFCM19

Our Black Friday Sale Starts NOW: 20% off with code BFCM19

 CLICK HERE: http://ss1.us/a/ktDoWcFU

We are running a 20% off sale for the Black Friday thru Cyber Monday weekend! The sale starts NOW will apply to a select set of over 100 different art toys on our BFCM page.

Here are the details:

1. Use code BFCM19 during checkout to apply the 20% off discount.
2. The code will work for the 125+ items listed here.
3. The code ONLY WORKS IN OUR US SHOP (international customers see below).
4. Click the blue Check Out button in the cart to get to the page where you will paste in the code.
5. You cannot use discount codes in the Partial.ly payment system - must pay in full.
6. You can use this code multiple times.
7. The code will work from now through the end of Cyber Monday December 2.
8. There is no upper or lower limit for this code, buy as much as you like.
9. You can place an order which contains both products that are discounted, and other products. The code will apply the discount to the items in our BFCM sale page and not the other items.


Anyone outside of the US, Canada or the UK: if you see the Tenacious site in your language and in your currency, please switch back to the US site to use this discount code. The US shop DOES ship to all countries around the world (with a couple exceptions). Click the small “click here” link at the bottom of the left side of the shopping cart page to switch back to the US site.

Our international shops do not support the use of codes.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale page: http://ss1.us/a/ktDoWcFU


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