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Preorder Devil May Cry 5 Dante Deluxe Edition 1:12-scale action figure by 1000toys

1/12 scale 1000toys action figure devil may cry


The Devil Hunter Dante from the hit Devil May Cry 5 game will get his very own 1/12 scale action figure from 1000toys! Coming in two versions, this deluxe version will come with extra weapons exclusive to this version!

Will feature the incredible articulation that 1000toys products are famous for that will allow for posing that will recreate many of the stylish scenes in the game.

The trademark red jacket worn by Dante in the game has been recreated with real cloth and comes with built in wires that will allow the coat itself to be positioned to fit the pose.

Weapons included will be Rebellion, Devil Sword Dante, Ebony & Ivory(Pistols), Coyote A (Shotgun). with this Deluxe Version coming with exclusive weapons such as Devil Sword Sparda and all three modes of King Cerberus (Nunchaku, Bo Stick, Three-section staff) to make it the ultimate version of the Dante!

Exchangable parts such as hair, face and hand parts will be also be included in this awesome set!

1:12 scale
highly articulated action figure
deluxe version
produced by 1000toys
Deluxe version comes with the following:

Exchangable Hair x 1pcs
Exchangable Face x 1pcs
Exchangable Hands (L,R) x 3 sets
Rebellion (Sword)
Devil Sword Dante(Sword)
Ebony & Ivory (Pistol x 2)
Coyote (Shotgun)
King Cerberus Ice (Nunchaku)
King Cerberus Fire (Bo Stick)
King Cerberus Lightning (Three-section staff)
Devil Sword Sparda

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