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Preorder Gold Life 8-inch Gold Soul Collector by Huck Gee & MightyJaxx

gold life huck gee mighty jaxx vinyl

PREORDER ships March or April

Some might think that bigger isn’t always better but in this case, it absolutely is! Huck Gee’s Soul Collector from the popular Gold Life series returns bigger, taller and definitely much better. Even his deadly chopper has been upsized so watch out for him as he comes for every person when darkness falls.

8 inches tall
designed by Huck Gee
produced by MightyJaxx
super rare all-gold edition
About Huck Gee
Huck Gee is a contemporary artist, illustrator, designer and toy maker based in San Francisco, California. Huck is a driving force in the world of ‘Art Toys’ and is widely known known for the amazing worlds of toys that he develops. He hand crafts small runs of handmade figures that sell out instantly online to a global clientele. His production toy designs have brought him international acclaim and are highly prized.

Huck’s artwork has been exhibited in galleries worldwide, he has journeyed on numerous international signing tours and has had his art published in an ungodly amount of books and magazines.

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