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Jon-Paul Kaiser 5-inch Azazel Demon Dunny by Kidrobot in stock now

dunny jon-paul kaiser kidrobot

in stock now

“Sitting atop crumbling ruins, ever waiting, for I am the guardian and the herald.” Ever watchful, this winged creature is marked as the fallen angel thrown to eternal fire. The creature stands as a representation of the human spirit’s need for rebellion, temptation, and the seductive lure of the unknown. Fused with “carved marble” and “porcelain” brought together in pieces to make a whole, this broken figure is a small part of the bigger plan.

Encapsulating centuries of evil magic from the infernal hierarchy, the 5” Demon Dunny stands as the warning of something new coming to the mortal realm this fall.

Designed by Jon-Paul Kaiser
Produced by Kidrobot
5 inches tall

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