Preorder Look Back Horse Strawberry 3 inch vinyl figure by Sean Studio x Inch Lab

Look Back Horse is based on the Chinese proverb: “好马不吃回头草”, means a guy with dignity should not have walked back to his previous old path regardless how hard the path in front of him is going to be. However, Sean’s defied the Chinese proverb and thinks that it is ok for a guy to go back to his old path if the path in front of him is no better than what he has experienced.
Look Back Horse: Strawberry is the 2nd colourway of this figure
  • bagged with header card
  • vinyl
  • limited to 100 pcs worldwide
  • 8.5 cm (3.3 inches) tall
  • designed by Sean Studio
  • produced by Inch Lab

Sean Lee (Sean Studio)

Sean Lee is from The Pearl of Orient, Penang, Malaysia. Currently based in Dongguan, China and set up Sean Studio. An illustrator since 2008, many of his works appeared in Mexico, Japan, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia. In 2014, he published a picture book by the name of "We're Beast" and had his first solo art exhibition the same year. He started as a toy designer in 2016 and had created Dino-Boy, The Qbies Series and The Animal Land figures.

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