Preorder The Mad Titan Designer 7-inch Vinyl Toy by Unruly Industries

Preorder The Mad Titan Designer 7-inch Vinyl Toy by Unruly Industries

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Don't mark yourself safe from this delightfully brooding baddie! There are infinite possibilities for displaying this limited edition Unruly designer collectible toy - The Mad Titan - designed by artist Joe DellaGatta.

Artist Statement: The idea behind the Thanos statue was pretty straightforward: Big, ape-like, and exaggerated. Our project had a very short deadline, and it was all accomplished through great communication, and timely input. After a few rough sketches, [Unruly Project Manager] Erik and I were able to hone in on the design. One thing that stands out, in my mind, was Erik saying, “Make the lower jaw BIGGER." Next pass: “Bigger.” Again: “Bigger!" Ha! He was totally right, though. And it was fun to push the proportions.

- Joe DellaGatta

Get to Know Joe:
My name is Joe DellaGatta, and I’m a freelance illustrator living in the Boston area. As a kid, video game, comic book, and cartoon art were a huge influence on me. (30+ years later, things haven’t changed.) I’m fortunate enough to work a full-time job outside of the art industry. This allows me to enjoy my family life, balance our financial needs, and continue to work in illustration on some really incredible projects, like I have here with Unruly.

Materials: PVC , Vinyl
Product Size: Height: 7" (177.8 mm) | Width: 7.25" (184.15 mm)

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