Quiccs Ukami & Hitsuji 2pc set of vinyl toys by Kidrobot drops THIS FRIDAY

Quiccs Ukami & Hitsuji 2pc set of vinyl toys by Kidrobot drops THIS FRIDAY

These will be $100 each with a limit of 1 per customer.
Props to The Toy Chronicle for letting us use their images (above) and their video below.

In our tale’s time, by Intelligent Machine, who won the wars against their creators, mankind. Displaced by war, lovers Ukami & Hitsuji find themselves in different paths.

Ukami, the Wolf General, stands with his pack of rebels fighting for survival in the outskirts. Hitsuji almost killed at the time that the masses fled their cities and were ambushed by the machines, becomes part of an effort by good-willed men that repurposed living mind into machines.

Each year that passes is mankind’s path to full extinction.

Each year that passes is a quest for both Ukami and Hitsuji to survive, fuelled by their hope to meet again.

Hitsuji’s group dwells in a small hidden village away from the machine colonies, occupied by a few remaining survivors, and her own kind of machines with human minds.

The day comes that a pack of wounded rebel fighters arrive into their village, seeking refuge from an attack. Ukami, the Wolf General, is one of the survivors, and Hitsuji immediately recognises him as she helps him remove his helm. She lets Ukami know that it is her inside the machine his looking at. Ukami, saddened by her fate but overwhelmed with joy with their reunion, embraces her. Our lovers are reunited.

The Story of Ukami x Hitsuji

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