ROBOX 6-inch action figure by 1000toys In Stock Now

ROBOX 6-inch action figure by 1000toys In Stock Now

(Black is in stock, white is sold out)
This figure is based on an original design by the world famous Korean artist Kim Jung-Gi whose style of hyper realistic illustrations without the aid of photographic references has attracted the attention of millions over the last few years.

ROBOX is based on an original drawing by Kim, the design is a futuristic robot that can transform from a box shape to a humanoid shape.

1000toys brings Kim’s incredible creative vision to life as a fully transformable 1/12 scale action toy!

ROBOX will be 140mm (5.5 inches) in humanoid mode, with a weathered finish and graphic markings on the body to complete the realistic feel.

The shield can be mounted on either arm. The guns mounted on both legs can be taken off and held in the hands or stored on the inner side of the shield.The guns can also be attached to various mounting points on the body. Legs,feet and waist are all articulated, with a high range of motion allowing for ROBOX to be posed in many styles.

uber articulated action figure
approx 5.5 inches tall
comes with decal sheet for decoration
choose black or white
developed and produced by 1000toys

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