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ROBOX Green Unpainted 1/12-scale action figure by 1000toys In Stock Now

1/12 scale 1000toys action figure kim jung-gi robox

Born from a collaboration between the world famous Korean artist Kim Jung Gi and 1000toys that will produce products based on designs by Kim drawn specifically for this project.

ROBOX is highly articulated and built stiff enough to hold poses. Can also be held and posed in states of transformations.

Artist profile: Kim Jung Gi is an established artist from South Korea whose art work has attracted the international attention of millions over the last few years. He has the ability to visualize the drawing before making his marks. With mental pictures, he can draw without a photographic reference. Since 2007, he has published three Sketchbooks which contain more than 2,200 pages of his monumental art work.

6 inches tall when standing (1/12 scale)
super articulated
comes with shield, 2 guns, and decal sheet
unpainted green version

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