Rock Gaki 04 P.JAWS 1/6-scale action figure by JT Studio Available Now

Rock Gaki 04 P.JAWS 1/6-scale action figure by JT Studio Available Now

Rock Gaki 04 P.JAWS 1/6-scale action figure by JT Studio
  • 1/6 scale action figure
  • limited edition - only 99 pcs made
  • designed and produced by JT Studio of Taiwan
  • battery not included ( AG1x6 )

Due to the outstanding performance of 02 in security, the military are impress by it and during the period of contract between government and Capital Company, they took advantage of it and made their naval unit. Because of 02 traits of high obedience and ability of independent thinking in battlefield to counter attack, the military and Capital Company created 04, aka Aero Shark, the name might sound like an aerial unit, but 04 does not have the ability to perform long distance flight, however it is able to use the jumping method like the flying fish to perform short distance flight to ambush the enemy. Thus 04 body material have been changed to the usage of a special type of metal that is low in weight but high in density, the said metal currently are not announce to public, and we named it temporary as metal “X”.

Like 03, 04 was given the same equipment upgrade. 04s jacket and 03 are same, but 04s have been added a layer of kevlar, to add in the bulletproof effect. This is due to the reason that 04 might encounter situation with hostage, it will allow 04 to give protection to the hostage. As for 04s water board, it had added in an accelerator, it is used to perform sudden burst of speed to perform the earlier mentioned flight.

04 also inherited its predecessors colour scheme, 04 inherited 02 red colour scheme, and due to the mission requirement of 04, 04 also uses the camo design. However in the demand of military to further differentiate the two unit, 04 internal lighting colour have been changed to violet.

Extra note, due to some miscommunication, the supposedly darker tone of 04 was mistakenly made into light pink. But due to the superiority of the performance , the mistake was ignored.

 PS: 我不會告訴你我以前是 BAPE迷。

I will not admit I was fall in love with BAPE before.


This is made by water transfer printing, the pattern of each product will be different, and the more subtle places cannot be printed. If you are concerned about the above problems, please do not buy.

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