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Good 4 Nothing 8-inch Dunny from Kidrobot x 64 Colors In Stock Now

Good 4 Nothing 8-inch Dunny from Kidrobot x 64 Colors In Stock Now

BUY GOOD 4 NOTHING HERE: http://ss1.us/a/1GMz6O2k

A Daydreamer, ne’er-do-well, lazy, irresponsible, loafer, maker of nothing, doer of little... a floater, and that’s okay with me. I’m just having a good time at my own pace that’s all. Life’s too short with both good luck and bad. Too much pressure and expectations for sure. So I’ll roll like a tumbleweed... taking my sweet time keeping my stress level low rolling on slow. Relax and join me if you wish and be totally carefree.

I may be Good 4 Nothing to some but, what I’m doing may be Good 4 Me.

The Good 4 Nothing 8" Dunny Art Figure by 64 Colors is limited to 800 pieces worldwide.

About 64 colors: 64 Colors is an artist collective based in Chicago led by Laura Parsons, aka Laura Colors. Laura is a renowned surrealist painter and draws inspiration from fairytales, classic animation, nature and the woods surrounding her studio. She spends countless hours in her surrealist world creating characters, sculpts and fantastical creations that have garnered a following of loyal collectors and fans. Her work has been featured in galleries all around the world and 64 Colors has collaborated with companies like Disney, Sanrio, Blue Q, Badge Bomb, Houghton Mifflin, Japan LA, McGraw-Hill, Peugeot and others.
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