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We are launching our CRYPTOZOO-FUBI Vinyl Line with El Chupacabra (Made in USA)

We are launching our CRYPTOZOO-FUBI Vinyl Line with El Chupacabra (Made in USA)

We are thrilled to announce the launch of our new American-made soft vinyl toy line called CRYPTOZOO-FUBI featuring the work of Weston Brownlee (Eternal Sun Studios).

CRYPTOZOO-FUBI focuses on cryptids, which are mysterious or mythological creatures from around the world. The first creature in the CRYPTOZOO-FUBI line is El Chupacabra, the infamous goat sucker from the folklore of Mexico and Puerto Rico. Sculpted and painted by Weston Brownlee, this 6" tall Chupacabra figure has been pulled in soft vinyl in the sofubi style right here in America by Mile High Sofubi.

The first release of El Chupacabra will feature a rich spring green base vinyl. The painted edition will have red eyes, a gray goat and a brown rock outcropping and will be limited to just 40 pieces at $65 each. Accompanying the painted edition will be a blank edition in the same green, limited to just 10 pieces at $40 each.

Both painted and blank green Chupacabras will go live at noon EST on Monday June 21st on the Weston Brownlee page on Tenacious Toys website.

About Mile High Sofubi:

CRYPTOZOO-FUBI represents Tenacious Toys' first foray into the production of a full line of artist-designed vinyl art toys. As a US-based toy shop, it is only fitting that they chose a US-based vinyl toy supplier, Mile High Sofubi, to help them launch this project. Mile High Sofubi, based out of Colorado, pulls soft vinyl out of molds which are created in the traditional Japanese sofubi (soft vinyl) style.

About Weston Brownlee:

The talent behind the CRYPTOZOO-FUBI concept is Weston Brownlee of Eternal Sun Studios, a New Mexico-based artist whose fascination with cryptids and cryptozoology has been made abundantly clear through his extensive Fey Folk lineup of resin sculptures. All Fey Folk characters are pulled from the folklore and mythologies of countries around the world. Weston 3D sculpts his interpretation of each character, prints the sculpture, and then molds it in silicone so that he can self-produce them in multiples in resin. Like Tenacious Toys, CRYPTOZOO-FUBI is Weston's first foray into a full line of art toys in the vinyl medium, so this line is a new horizon for all parties involved.

About Tenacious Toys:

Tenacious Toys has been buying, selling & producing art toys in vinyl, resin, PVC and plush since 2004. The primary mission of Tenacious is to lift up and empower new creators by offering them a retail platform to showcase, promote and sell their artwork in the 3D collectibles space. Tenacious Toys accepts many different forms of payment, including cryptocurrencies!


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