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BULL & RED KID by JT Studio - preorder now!

BULL & RED KID by JT Studio - preorder now!

Tenacious Toys is proud to announce that they are the exclusive US source for the newest action figures from Taiwan's JT Studio: Bull & Red Kid!

PREORDER HERE: https://www.tenacioustoys.com/collections/jt-studio

These highly detailed and highly accessorized action figures fit into JT's Street Mask world: Bull is a retired pro skateboarder, and his son Bull Jr is out skating to become world champ to make his father smile again. But his father forbade him from competing, so he skates under the name "Red Kid."

Red Kid is a new 20cm tall bodyform from JT Studio which scales perfectly with the 30cm tall (1/6 scale) Bull action figure. Each figure is limited to just 399 units.

Tenacious Toys is offering the Bull & Red Kid set for $419, and the Bull figure alone for $299, either of which will include free US and Canada shipping.

Tenacious Toys is further sweetening the pot by offering a flexible payment plan option at checkout. Click the purple Partially button and customers can choose their own down payment, as well as setting their own repayment schedule.

Bull & Red Kid are slated to ship in Q1 of 2021 so there is plenty of time to pay off the payment plan before these items arrive.

Both figures are available for preorder now on the JT Studio collection page at Tenacious Toys, with a one-week preorder window that closes on September 30th.


BULL & BULL JR (Red Kid) backstory:

BULL the man that was entrusted the mask of BULL, was a man that is unrivalled by anyone, despite being known as the old man of skateboarding world. He never faltered any challenge from the young blood that wanted to step over him to gain fame. BULL skill was so known by people, it gains the attention of Kong, and thus two legend collide, the skater deemed their duel as epic. their duel as the ultimate battle of Tricks. BULL and KONG were so evenly matched, they no longer care who won the battle, they were enjoying the ride, but eventually BULL surrendered the match and claim Kong to be the victor, as he knew his stamina is no match to the young Kong. Kong did not accept the result and demand a rematch. But little did he know that was the last match he ever had with BULL.

As years pass, the once skilled skater, BULL, broke his leg in an accident and was forced to let go his dream. Now Bull make a living as a tattoo artist with his loving family but never once have his family seen him smile. However, his son Bull Jr once saw Bull smile when Bull was reminiscing at an old picture of his. Upon inspecting the picture, Bull Jr realize its an old picture of Bull skating alongside Kong doing tricks. On that day, Bull Jr sworn that he will bring his father smile back by persuading his fathers lost dream. But Bull think Bull Jr is too young for the world of skateboarding and forbid him to skate. Thus, Bull Jr now skate under the alias “Red Kid” and aim to take down Kong to prove his worth to both his father and the world, that he is not only ready to take on the world and he is ready to become the best.

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