TENACIOUS NYCC EXCL #10: Waldemar by Abe Lincoln Jr #tenaciousnycc19

TENACIOUS NYCC EXCL #10: Waldemar by Abe Lincoln Jr #tenaciousnycc19

Size: 4.25"
Material: resin

Edition: 30 pieces
Price: $50 each

Created by: Abe Lincoln Jr / NEMO / Forces of Dorkness



Waldemar is a 4.25" tall resin figure from Abe Lincoln Jr's new line of resin collectibles: Kaijin Mundial!

"I stumbled across this obscure pachi monster card set from Europe a few years ago. Many popular sofubi toys are based on pachi monster cards and I thought this was untapped territory. I’ve been wanting to make Waldemar for years and this year I approached Tenacious Toys about launching the series. I couldn’t be happier with the results!"

The evil bioscientific occultist Dr. Naschy was working in his Castle in Spain, hellbent on creating an occult mashup of a werewolf and a werepenguin he would dub the Lyco-Spheníscicus.. He worked night and day combining bioscience and supernatural occult powers he’d learned from a local gypsy to merge the two fierce creatures of the night.

His experiments every full moon would end in failure until on that fateful night. An unsuspecting tourist, Waldemar Daninsky’s car broke down in the dense forest surrounding the castle, and he came looking for some protection from the wild night. Frustrated with another failed experiment Dr. Naschy let in the unsuspecting victim and led him to the lab. That’s where he let the Werewolf and the Werepenguin rip poor Waldemar to pieces, just for sport. Shockingly, Dalinsky survived.

On certain nights when the moon is full, the baleful plaintive cry of a half penguin half wolf creature can be heard throughout the steppes where Waldemar lives. Once he is transformed he only has 2 things on his mind, the taste of fresh blood, and the name of the scientist who did this to him.. Hellbent on killing and revenge Waldemar roams the countryside looking to slake his thirst for blood and find Dr. Naschy to make him pay for turning him into a monster.

Waldemar was sculpted by Mike NEMO Mendez and molded, cast in resin and painted by Forces of Dorkness. There are 30 Waldemars, found exclusively in the Tenacious Toys booth 780 at NYCC for $50 each.

Find it at the Tenacious Collective NYCC Booth 780

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