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Tenacious Toys Exclusive: Casey Weldon Kittypillar Siamese by 3A

3a casey weldon exclusive kittypillar

PREORDER Kittypillar Siamese: http://ss1.us/a/Tobl0km0

We are very excited to announce that we will be getting a shop exclusive color variant of Casey Weldon's Kittypillar vinyl art toy! There have been a couple breeds released previously that we've stocked- Bombay and Sapphire- and they proved very popular with collectors of weird-ass vinyl art toys. So we jumped at the opportunity to secure an exclusive for one of the most beautiful breeds out there: the Siamese. 

These vinyl art toys are produced by 3A - yes, the same 3A that makes the weathered robots and long-legged girls and all that! Our Kittypillars are coming by sea, and they're on the water now so that means they will be shipping in about a month or so (March 2019). Siamese is limited to just 100 pieces, so preorder one now for only $90. Free shipping within the US because we love you. 


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  • Tenacious Toys on

    @Jonathan not that we know of

  • Jonathan on

    Does this have the glow in the dark eyes?

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