The Art Hustle Series 1 and Series 3 trading cards in stock now

The Art Hustle Series 1 and Series 3 trading cards in stock now

BUY Series 1 Factory Set HERE:
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The Art Hustle is a boutique trading card series featuring contemporary artists & art. Uniquely presented on trading cards, this curated series is very much a collaborative effort with the participating artists.

The Art Hustle exhibits an international group currently working in a variety of disciplines including street art, toy art, Kaiju, illustration, painting, sculpture, aerosol art, tattoo art, digital art, film, photography and more.

The inaugural series of The Art Hustle was released in July, 2010.

Series 1 is distinguished by colorful borders on both the profile and art cards, and by the red wax wrappers. There are 164 cards, with over 75 contributing artists and personalities.

The Series 1 Factory Set contains the Series 1 base set plus exclusive inserts not available in regularly issued Series 1 boxes, including the Travis Louie profile and art card, the Frank Kozik metal as fuck silkscreen card, and a Vectar (The Sucklord variant) original art card.

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