The Art Hustle Series 3 Trading Cards Wax Packs  Available Now

The Art Hustle Series 3 Trading Cards Wax Packs Available Now

The Art Hustle is a boutique trading card series featuring contemporary artists & art. Uniquely presented on trading cards, this curated series is very much a collaborative effort with the participating artists.

The Art Hustle exhibits an international group currently working in a variety of disciplines including street art, toy art, Kaiju, illustration, painting, sculpture, aerosol art, tattoo art, digital art, film, photography and more.

Series 3 is known for its colorful, banner-bordered profile cards and yellow wrappers. There are over 100 participating contributors. There are 15 box top variations.

Series 3 introduced another round of sub-sets as special inserts. These include a sub-set of 6 JUMBO Cards based on Series 1 Artist Profile cards. Series 3 also premiered the first Artist Brush Cards which display artist-used paint brush shavings. There are also Luke Chueh Stand-Ups, which feature 9 works from his acclaimed Monkeys with Hats series.

Included in each Series 3: Artist Profile Cards, Art Cards, Original Art Cards, Signature Cards, 1 Guess the Hand Card, 1 Artist Brush Card and Luke Chueh Stand-Ups.

Tenacious Toys is in Series 3 - we are card # 405.

Series 3 was produced in 2012. This is not a re-issue, these are from the original production run.

This is a random Wax Pack containing multiple RANDOM cards (usually 6 or 7 unless there is a super special card in there that is thicker)

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