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Trash Bag Bunch XL: Tenacious Exclusive Blue Muckoid by Last Resort Toys

exclusive last resort toys mel birnkrant trash bag bunch vinyl

Last Resort Toys has released photos of our upcoming exclusive blue Muckoid figure from their upcoming giant-sized Trash Bag Bunch XL vinyl figure series! You may recall their successful Kickstarter to fund these full-sized vinyls, which are based on a mini figure series from the 90s designed by Mel Birnkrant and produced by Galoob.

Well, we thought this was such a rad idea that we arranged an exclusive color variant for our shop. Below is a photo of the "OG" green edition, our blue edition and another orange edition of Muckoid. Last Resort Toys is also producing a Liceplant figure to go along with Muckoid, and has plans to release more!

We showed off the XL Muckoid and the XL Liceplant at Five Points 2018. XL Muckoid is about 7.5 inches tall and XL Liceplant is about 9 inches tall.

Yes, these items are officially licensed to LRT by Mel Birnkrant, so Mel does get a portion of the proceeds as per his licensing agreement. Mel got to see these in person at Five Points!

We will have approx 80 units of our blue exclusive Muckoid to sell, and the price will be about $100. 2019 release date TBD. Stay tuned, join our email list for updates.


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