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Vote for Best Online Toy Store in the Designer Toy Awards

best online toy store designer toy awards dta

Once again, TenaciousToys.com is a finalist in the Designer Toy Awards. I can't tell you who YOU might think is the best online toy store in the game, but I do know that I literally kill myself every day, 365 days a year, making our shop as good as I can make it.
A Rewards Program, ease of checkout, methods of payment accepted, multiple methods of shipping to choose from, huge variety of merchandise, always evolving selection, top social media outreach, super easy and fast customer service and communication are all things we've been improving nonstop. And we will continue to refine it all, forever, because that's what we do.
Did you know we've been running Tenacious Toys for 15 years? That's a LONG. FUCKING. TIME.
Anyway, go vote for your favorite, whether it's our shop or another. We don't need to win an award to know that Tenacious Toys is rad, but it would be nice to have it just once.

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