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AJALA: A SERIES OF ADVENTURES - A Comic Book Series About a Harlem Heroine by Robert Garrett

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AJALA: A SERIES OF ADVENTURES is an ongoing comic book series, written by Robert Garrett, with art by N Steven Harris, colors by Walt Msonza Barna.      


AJALA is introduced to the C.S.C., a covert group that has been acting as Harlem's protectors since the 1920's. She learns that her family has a history with the C.S.C. with her great grandfather and father being one of the groups founders and her mother’s past when she was once a junior agent. AJALA is plunged into the C.S.C. as an agent in training that is sent out to ensure community safety. Through her lessons as a junior agent and her everyday life as a normal school student, AJALA will be leading a new life of adventure and discovery, and helping to protect her community from ruin.  

Robert's Kickstarter will fund the publishing of a two book Collected Edition,  "A Changing of Perspective"

These 2 books will create issues 5 and 6 of the series. This is the next evolution that continues the ongoing saga of AJALA:  A Series of Adventures taking the main character Ajala Storm to her next evolution of becoming a teenage hero of Harlem under the training of the C.S.C., the protectors of an alternate Harlem, New York.

Ajala and her family find themselves the targets of the QUO, the C.S.C.'s enemies.  They consist of politicians and men of power, in the shadows, who have sought to destroy the protectors of Harlem since their inception. 

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